Why You Should Choose Platinum for Your Wedding Ring

For many couples, their wedding rings are the most expensive pieces of jewelry they will ever own. You want rings that you can wear beautifully and effortlessly day after day. Whether you are planning a large, extravagant ceremony or a small gathering of friends and family, here are three reasons to go platinum for the occasion.

Less Cleaning and Maintenance

Unlike white gold, platinum does not require plating in order to maintain its brilliantly white appearance. Platinum is the same pure silver white color all the way through and the color never changes. Over time, all metals lose their high polish surface but instead of looking dull and shabby, platinum acquires an patina marking it as a pure metal. If you like to have your ring cleaned professionally, look for a jeweler who offers cleaning and polishing service as part of a lifetime warranty.

Long-Lasting Beauty and Appeal

In addition to a minimum amount of maintenance, a platinum wedding rings are considered the most durable option available in the marketplace. Over time, platinum requires less maintenance and retains a superior level of color and shine, characteristics that say a lot about the quality of your ring. No matter what style of you ultimately choose for your rings, platinum is the best investment in terms of value and durability for the rings you will wear for a lifetime.

Ideal for Sensitive Skin

Unlike other types of metal, platinum is completely hypoallergenic making it safe for people with allergies and sensitive skin. Many people discover they have a metal allergy when they react to white gold jewelry after the rhodium plating has worn off. Unfortunately, at that point, it is too late to return the ring. If you choose platinum, you can be confident that she can wear her rings without any danger of irritation, making platinum the safest choice.

Your wedding rings are a symbol of happiness and devotion that will be with you always. Platinum wedding rings will be beautiful for a lifetime and celebrate the ongoing strength of your relationship with your beloved.

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