Why Should I Choose a Silicone Breast Form?

Post-mastectomy enhancement silicone breast forms are a viable, non-invasive option for those who want to avoid having another surgery.

They are worn to mimic the body’s natural shape and are high quality, non-allergic, and waterproof.

Although foam or fiberfill breast forms are available, silicone breast forms offer a variety of benefits to women seeking an alternative to reconstructive surgery.

Silicone breast forms come in an assortment of shapes

Silicone breast forms are available in a variety of shapes, including oval, triangle, and teardrop.

Oval silicone breast forms provide a naturalistic appearance without any exaggerated protrusion. Many women find these shapes easy to fit into bras or wear naturally on the chest wall.

Triangle shape silicone breast forms are most commonly used by those who have residual breast tissue. This shape provides an added droop, mimicking the look of a natural breast.

Teardrop silicone breast forms are most useful for women who have more breast tissue removed, particularly underarm tissue removal. The teardrop provides a tapered shape on the sides to adhere to the cavity with the missing tissue and closely resembles the shape of the breast.

Large selection of styles

Post-mastectomy enhancement silicone breast forms are also available in different styles. Each form varies in terms of nipple size, shape, and color. They can be weighted or non-weighted.

Some breast forms are appropriate for swimming or athletic activities. The swimming and athletic forms come with enhanced adhesive protection to sustain vigorous activity when exposed to moisture.

They can be worn anywhere

Many women can begin wearing their enhancement silicone breast forms six to eight weeks following a mastectomy. They can be worn in a bra or adhere to the chest cavity.

If you are packing your breast form in your luggage, it is likely small bubbles will appear inside of the cavity. However, these bubbles will remit once you land.

Natural feel

Although many women are concerned about a natural look, it is just as important to ensure a natural feel when choosing breast forms. Many women report that silicone breast forms feel like a natural part of their body. Others describe they believe their post-mastectomy enhancement silicone breast forms are real because they forget they are wearing them.

Silicone breast forms adhere to your body temperature. If you feel warm, your breast form will likely be warm, too. This allows it to feel like it is a part of your body, rather than an artificial breast.

They help with balance

Silicone breast forms assist with posture and balance of your body. When breast tissue is removed, muscle and skeletal problems may develop without proper care after a mastectomy. Breast forms help to distribute body weight from a missing part equally.

Final thoughts

While it’s difficult to cope with the physical recovery from a life-threatening disease, women who fight breast cancer must overcome a huge emotional hurdle as well. Silicone breast forms can help them feel beautiful and strong, restoring their self-esteem and zest for life.

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