Why Brides Still Love Diamond Engagement Rings in Jacksonville FL

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Recently, the popularity of diamond engagement rings has begun to decline ever so slightly. Such a fact should absolutely be reversed by any means possible. There is something timeless about a diamond, and its sparkling beauty can help you give the right statement when you surprise your spouse-to-be with the ring. Diamond rings have been around for as long as the technology to cut diamonds has existed, and you take part in that time-honored tradition whenever you choose this option over decidedly bulkier and pricier options.


There is an unlimited amount of options in regard to the design of diamond engagement rings in Jacksonville FL, and you could create something truly unique with just one single consultation with a jeweler. This type of creation can speak to your partner’s characteristics and makes it clear that you want to marry them for exactly the person they are right now. Options that are bought straight off the shelf may not be the best option if your partner has a unique personality or tastes that differ from the usual options.


For too long, Jacksonville diamond engagement rings and the term “cost-effective” have not been synonymous, but this is no longer the case. There are many different way you can reduce the cost of your ring without sacrificing quality or beauty. For example, certain cuts, such as the princess cut, cost more simply because they are the most popular choice.

To reduce your price by as much as 40 percent right from the start, you could consider a different cut, such as the square cut. Diamond engagement rings with nontraditional cuts are also another great reason to build your own custom design. With this, you can choose everything from the number of diamonds to the metal of the band. To buy or know more about diamond rings, visit Premier Jewelers in Jacksonville FL.

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