Why a Queen Mattress Is the Perfect Bed

Have you ever stopped to think about how many different sizes of mattresses there are and how large some of them can be? A king size bed can easily take up an entire room if your bedroom isn’t large. On the other hand, a full size bed may be too small for some couples to sleep comfortably. Here are a few reasons to buy a queen mattress in Baton Rouge:

It’s About Compromise

When choosing a mattress size, the size of the room is going to play a huge role in deciding how big of a mattress you can buy. If the room is just large enough to fit a king size bed and you put one in it, you risk taking up all of the space in the room. Conversely, a queen is not much larger than a full size mattress, but can make a room feel more evenly spaced. If you walk into an adult bedroom and there is a small bed and a large room it will not feel right. This can ruin the feel of the room. A queen size bed, however, is almost always going to be the proper size to make a room feel right while giving both people plenty of room for themselves.

All About That Money

The next thing to consider is price. A king size bed naturally take more materials to construct than a queen size mattress, which will drive the price up. This price difference can be quite substantial up front and is not going to go away later. King size bed frames, box springs, and even sheets cost more than their smaller sized counterparts. In addition to the costs of the mattress, bed, box spring, and sheets you also have to consider the cost of delivery. A queen mattress is going to require much less effort to deliver and can usually be taken home by the buyer if they have a pickup or large SUV. This is not the case with a king size and this extra cost can be significant.

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