What to Look while Choosing Airsoft Masks

One of the most essential safety gear and protection you’ll need to strap in before you go in for your Airsoft games is your eye protection masks. Not sure how to pick the right Airsoft masks, though? Here are a few tips to point you to the right direction:

Go for lightweight material

Any excess weight can hamper your movements on the field. If you want to be able to move as fast as you can, go for lightweight options that won’t add any more heft to the weight you carry. The downside of these options, though, is that they’re much more likely to get askew during the gameplay. If you lose your eye protection, you could get voted out of the game even if you’ve got tons of ammunition in your pack.

Check out protective goggles

These protective goggles offer much more security and safety than lightweight ones. You get more coverage for your eyes so you won’t have to worry about debris and dust getting into your eyes. However, be warned that if you opt for cheaper goggles, you could find your lenses fogging up from time to time. This could compromise your field vision and hurt your chances of winning the game. Opt for Airsoft masks with tactical mesh instead, says Airsoft GI. That way, you won’t have to worry about fogging issues any more.

Tactical face masks

These are the best of the entire bunch. If you’re serious about your games and want to give yourself and your team the best fighting chance out there, then invest in an excellent pair of these masks. With handy features like visor shading to keeping your entire face protected, it’s got a ton of benefits to make you and your teammates happy. However, because of its size, it might impede a little of your head movements. Find a way to work around that, though, and you’ll be off to a good start.

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