What Is a Soft Air Gun?

If you are like many parents, your children have possibly asked about getting a soft air gun. If you have no idea what that is, you might be nervous about purchasing a weapon for your kids. Fortunately, these guns are significantly safer than other simulated weapons. Here are some things every parent should know about soft air guns.

They Are Fun

Many kids and adults dream about playing soldier or exercising their tactical skills. To do so properly, though, you want a realistic weapon. Soft air rifles, pistols, and hand guns resemble real weapons and can be customized with scopes, handles, barrels, and other add-ons. Thus, with a soft air gun, you can simulate battle equipment and conditions, virtually guaranteeing you can play engaging war games. Alternatively, if you or your children want a relatively safe way to target shoot, a soft air gun can be a useful tool.

They Are Non-Lethal

Soft air gun manufacturers have specifically designed them to be non-lethal devices. They pull that off by combining a light-weight pellet with a low-velocity shot. In fact, most soft air guns shoot a plastic BB that weights a fraction of a gram at a velocity of under 550 feet per second. When compared to real guns, that’s light and slow.

They Require Safety Precautions

Just because a soft air gun is not lethal does not mean it comes without risks. Before you buy one of these guns for your children, you should understand the physiological consequences of getting hit with a soft air pellet. Through clothing, soft air pellets will leave a red mark on the skin. If a pellet hits exposed skin, though, you can expect a blister or bleeding to occur. As such, before you allow your children to play with a soft air gun, you should make sure they have adequate clothing and protective gear. Most importantly, ensure that your kids always wear goggles or other protective eyewear when using a soft air gun.

They Demand Following Rules

Because a soft air pellet can cause injury, you must ensure your children follow basic gun safety when using a gun. In addition to wearing the appropriate clothing and protective gear, your kids must always point the gun in a safe direction and never look directly down the barrel. They also should always treat the gun like it is a real weapon. By teaching your kids to follow gun safety rules, you will decrease their odds of injury due to carelessness.

If you are considering buying soft air guns for your children, you should know a few things about these weapons. Then, talk with a knowledgeable dealer to find the starter gun for your family.

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