What Is A Salt Pool?

Keeping your pool clean is very important. Without proper cleaning, pools can become green with algae and bacteria that will cause diseases if you swim in them. The sanitization of pools usually comes in the form of chlorine. Chlorine cleans your pool and frees it from the bacteria and viruses that can be bad for your health. This usually means that you have to constantly replenish your pools supply of chlorine which can sometimes be tiring. But there is a better way. Salt pools use a process called electrolysis to break down salt into hypochlorous which is responsible for freeing the pool of bacteria and other contaminates. The salt-water is pushed through a metal cell charged with a small amount of electricity which creates chlorine. You might be wondering what the point of a getting a new pool is if they both just use chlorine to keep the pool clean. The process of electrolysis mean a constant replenish of chlorine which results in less time going to the store for more chlorine and more time relaxing in your pool on a hot summer day.

Are Salt Pools Much Different From Regular Pools?

Salt-water pools are quite different than chlorine pools. While they both use chlorine to keep the pool clean, salt water pools use much less and the chlorine is that is produced is not as strong as what is used in a traditional chlorine pool. You will notice that a salt pool does not have the chlorine smell that lingers on your hair and body. Another difference is that you don’t have as much work to do maintaining a salt water pool.

How Salty Are the Pools?

A big misconception about salt pools is that they are salty like the ocean. They are not. They have a lot less salt and will not taste like saltwater. The pool water will be very similar to a traditional pool and will not make you feel dehydrated if you accidently swallow some of the water while you are swimming. The lower amount of salt also means that the water will not be as thick and will allow for freer movement while swimming.

Why People Prefer Salt-water Pools

The main reason why people like saltwater pools is because of the ease with which you can keep it clean. The small amount of chlorine that it produces kills the bad bacteria in the pool. Salt water is also much easier on your eyes. The conversion of saltwater into chlorine keep your pool constantly supplied with the right amount of chlorine to keep your pool clean and free of bacteria and viruses for a safe and healthy swim.

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