What Are Full Tang Swords?

When you hear the term, “full tang,” it means that a knife or sword is made in one solid piece. Two-handled pieces are attached to the blade, one on either side. Swords that are full tang are the strongest and most stable of the tang models.

Why Choosing Full Tang Knives and Swords Is Better

If you are seeking swords for a collection, you may want to review the full tang swords first. Other tang swords include the push tang and rat tail tang. The push tang is a partial tang sword where the tang is pushed inside and secured to the handle. Epoxy or glue is use to attach the tang.

Learning More about the Rat Tail Tang Sword or Knife Design

The rat tail tang is displayed when the tang narrows while it goes through the handle. It is either welded to a piece of a threaded type rod or is merely threaded at the end. A pommel that is threaded or a bolt is used to attach the blade to the handle.

Have Your Read about the Art of Samurai Sword Fighting?

Whether you are seeking full tang swords or knives, you will find that these types of items are indeed worth collecting. If you have ever studied the art of war, or how Japanese Samurai warriors fight, these types of products will prove to be very interesting to own.

Developing a Collection of Your Own

Whether you have just begun collecting full tang swords or you are thinking of developing a collection, you will enjoy this type of pursuit. These types of collections are not only interesting from an historical perspective, but they also make knife and sword collecting rewarding.

Where to Obtain Further Details Online

If you would like to review a full selection of swords and knives, check our official website for further details. That is the best way to cultivate an understanding of the history of sword or knife use and to glean more information about what is best to collect.

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