Various Options for Nose Ring Retainers

If you are a student and have a nostril piercing, you might be one of the lucky ones that are allowed to wear your jewelry while on campus. However, if a nose ring is against the dress code, and you want to ensure that the hole for the piercing does not close, you should purchase a Retainer Nose Ring. These are the ideal products to hide the nose piercing, while allowing you to retain the actual hole for the piercing.

The good news is that a nose piercing is somewhat easy to conceal, especially if it has been placed into the curved part of your nose. The majority of nose retainers will hide the piercing completely, with some being entirely invisible, while others are just discrete. When you carefully choose your nose retainer, the piercing will only be noticed by others that already know about your nose piercing.

There are two general options for nostril piercing retainers that you can find out about here, helping you to decide which one is best for your particular needs.

Straight Retainers

A straight nostril piercing retainer is a popular option for many people. You simply insert the end with the ball directly into the piercing, allowing the end with the clear cone to sit on the top of your nose. Once this retainer is in the proper place, it is extremely difficult to spot, in fact that cone will look much like a small bump on your skin. The majority of these retainers are soft, ensuring that they do not irritate the piercing. If you typically wear straight studs, this is the ideal option for concealing your nose piercing.

Curved Retainers

When you typically wear nose screws or a curved nose stud, you will have two different options for a retainer: push fit retainers or solid retainers. The option that you choose will likely be based on your personal preference.

* Solid Retainer: These are ideal since they are made of only one piece, which means there are no smaller parts that can get lose. They are typically available in black, peach or clear.

* Push-Fit Retainer: These consist of a flexible nose stem and a black or peach push fit disc. This provides several additional options than solid retainers since the disc is able to be replaced with other push-fit accessories.

The nose piercing retainers will be extremely effective in disguising a nose piercing, ensuring that it stays intact while at school or work.

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