Understanding the end times prophecy

Many devout Christians have been lead to believe that the Bible portends the end of the world. They are concerned about whether or not they will be able to be saved or if they will perish in the fires of Hell. The truth has been greatly misrepresented by pastors and this has caused mass confusion among people who are wishing to know the truth. If you are trying to figure out what exactly the end times prophecy means, there are sources of information out there that break everything down. This information has been largely unknown until recently and can shed light on this often confusing topic.

What is the Last Days Prophecy?

In the Book of Revelations in The Bible, the last days are described in great detail. This book of the Bible lays out the possibilities for the last days which include the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Often Christians think that the last days prophecy is describing the actual end of the world. They fully expect fire and brimstone and all of the atrocities that would keep them living in fear of the future.The truth is that The Bible never promised the end of the world, only the end of an age.

The truth of the matter

The truth can be easily uncovered with a more in depth understanding of the Bible text. Books that investigate the actual text of the Bible yield more insight into what signs of the Antichrist and last days prophecy are actually about. For those interested in learning the truth, all that is needed is to do a bit of research. Some of the facts that will be uncovered by learning more include that the end of the world was actually never foretold in the Bible. Instead Jesus spoke of the end of an age of animal sacrifice and worship in temples. Bamboozled Believers is a book that reveals the truth about end time prophecies. Find out the truth and be informed.

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