Types of Piercing Tools

Choosing the piercing tools best suited for the job can be quite tricky. Often, people wonder exactly what they need in their piercing kit and where they should purchase them from. For those who find themselves wondering about these things, here’s a look at the most used piercing tools, their job, and where to find the kit best for your needs.

Piercing Needles

Made from surgical grade materials, piercing needles are not like typical sewing needles. These needles are hollow, which means they make a clean pass through the skin. When choosing the one you prefer using, this information is important, beyond this you will be able to choose the one you want to include as one of your piercing tools.


These are used to hold the skin before the needle is used for piercing. Some refer to them as clamps. Choosing the type of forceps, you prefer to use with your other piercing tools will make for a great addition to your kit.

Needle Receiving Tubes

There are one of the piercing tools that is completely dependent on your preferences. These tubes are used along with the piercing needle. For those who pierce freehand, they are often a liked item.

Dermal Punch

These sharp, circular shaped razors are used when the punch and taper technique is being applied. This is used for dermal piercings and surface jewelry.

Where to Buy

Above, you’ve seen a few of the best piercing tools to add to your kit. If you have an interested in the body piercing industry, or simply prefer handling your own piercings, knowing these tools and their function will ensure you have the best piercing kit available. If you have a love for body piercing, check out Body Jewelry for the supplies and jewelry you want.

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