Top Reasons To Use Silicone Baking Molds

If you are one of those bakers who is still using traditional aluminum or stainless steel types of baking sheets, rings, pans, and even baking molds, making the switch to silicone may be something you need to consider.

For both home bakers and professional bakeries, silicone banking molds offer versatility and flexibility that is simply not found in the more traditional types of pans and molds. This does not mean giving up the aluminum or stainless steel items you own; it just means adding the option of silicone molds.

At N.Y. Cake, both traditional baking options as well as silicone baking molds are offered for everything from making cupcakes and mini-cupcakes to more elaborate cake or candy molds. Comparing the silicone molds with your current baking equipment in side by side comparisons can be very insightful.


It is very common for aluminum baking supplies to scratch or dent, creating an uneven surface. While a lot harder, stainless steel can also scratch, which can make it more challenging to remove cakes and candies quickly and without a lot of effort.

Silicone will never rust or stain, and it can be cleaned in the dishwasher or by hand. Silicone is virtually impossible to tear, and it is resistant to cutting or scratching.

Non-Stick Surface

All silicone baking molds are naturally non-stick, which means that baked goods are much less likely to stick. Of course, different recipes, overheating or undercooking can always cause problems in getting foods to release.

Unlike some non-stick materials, silicone baking molds do not give off an odor when cooking, and they do not transfer any taste to the baked goods. They can also go from the oven to the freezer without any damage to the material.

Finally, silicone molds are a good investment. With a long life cycle, their ease of use and their ease of cleaning, they make a good choice for baking, candy making and for general use whenever a mold is required.

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