Top reasons to buy wholesale chocolate coins

Buying wholesale chocolate coins is an economical way to get your chocolate fix, and give the gift of chocolate to friends, family and business associates. Here are some of the top ways you can use these.


  • Keep a bowl filled with chocolates on your desk for passers-by. Let everyone from co-workers to visitors know they are welcome to a handful. Because they’re individually wrapped, they are more sanitary than unwrapped candies.

  • Keep some in your desk drawer when you want a chocolate fix. Have a piece of fruit or green tea along with it to keep your diet on track.

  • Keep some on hand to give your team a ‘pick me up’ when they’re feeling stressed or overworked.

  • Give them out every Friday to your co-workers as a TGIF gift.


  • Keep some in a secret cupboard and give to your kids as a reward for doing their chores or getting a good report card.

  • Have one with a glass of wine on a Friday night after a long and stressful week.

  • If you’ve been trying to eat healthy but just want a little bite of chocolate, these can be the perfect solution because they are small, yet full of flavor.

  • Give them out to guests, or keep them in a candy dish on your coffee table.


  • If you own your own your own business these are a great way to help build brand recognition

  • Give them away at trade shows

  • Give them away to potential customers along with your flyers or brochures

  • Make up a gift basket and include them with some of your products

  • They can be customized as an effective marketing tool

  • Keep a bowl in the front lobby on your receptionist’s desk, for visitors to help themselves

Buying wholesale chocolate coins is a great choice if you’re trying to watch your budget while still having a sweet treat.

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