Tips on How to Buy a Custom Suit

If you’re buying a suit, then make the right choices. To pick options that work for you, here are some of the things you need to know. With these tips, you’ll find suits that you’ll be happy with.

Know How to Wear Them

It doesn’t matter if you buy good suits or hire the best tailor for Ladies and Gentlemen Everyday Suits in Washington, DC. If you don’t know how to wear them right, then you won’t achieve the effect you want. Learn to do it with confidence. Wear the clothes and not the other way around.

Keep Them Dark

If you love elbow pads in your suits, a good tailor should recommend them in dark tones and colors. That way, they won’t stand out, at least not so much.

Listen to Suggestions

An experienced tailor can help you pick the right colors, designs, and fit for you. Tell your tailor what you want to achieve—the look, style, and feel. You’ll get the benefit of their experience and years of expertise in the field. That means they can help you pick out options that are even better than the ones you might have gone for in the first place.

Be Playful

If that’s your personality, then let it out. One way to make that happen is to ask your tailor to make a suit that’s business as usual on the outside but party on the inside. You’re still in a suit, but it’s no longer like any other suit in the world. Rather, it’s a suit that takes into consideration your lifestyle, personality, and preference.

Take Small Risks

Talk to your tailor about adding a few stylish details or two. A suit with a shirt with a flashy detail or so sounds like a good idea. Those details can even help you make the right impression Elim Boutique and Rosslyn Tailoring.

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