Tips for Tablecloth Clips

Whether setting tables for a special event indoors or outdoors or even setting up display tables, gift tables or event tables, having a way to secure the table coverings is going to be important.

Everyone has been at an event where a tablecloth was caught on someone’s clothing or grabbed with a purse or other item and ended up pulling everything to the floor. Most people have also seen or experienced the frustration of trying to keep tablecloths in place, even in just a light summer’s breeze.

The answer to these problems is found in the use of small devices known as tablecloth clips. Usually made of plastic, they can be designed with or without Velcro depending on the style and type of clip that you prefer.

No Velcro Options

The no Velcro options are typically a clear plastic, and they are used to attach the table skirts and cloths with just a simple clip. They slide over the edge of the tablecloth and across the top of the table skirt, holding everything in place easily and safely.

There are different sizes of these clips based on the thickness of the table top. They can be easily slid off and used again and again, so they are extremely handy to keep around.

Velcro Designs

There are several different types of Velcro styles of tablecloth clips. These have the added feature of a strip of Velcro on the back of the clip that will hold the table skirt in place. The clip attaches to the surface of the table, and then the skirt will attach with the Velcro to the back of the clip.

Typically, these styles of tablecloth clips are used for thicker tables or when the table shirts may be heavier. They allow for a secure attachment that is discreet yet also highly effective in keeping everything in keeping linens in the right place.

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