Tips for Designing Custom Logo Shirts

Custom Logo shirts are very popular today. They can be used in business and for many other reasons too. You might think it is a complicated process to design your own shirt but it may be easier than you think when you choose the right professional print service. However, with a professional service you have a lot of choices to make and here are some tips for creating a successful custom shirt.

1. Don’t Get In a Hurry

Ordering custom shirts for your business can be an exciting time and you might not want to wait long for your shirts. However, it’s best to get everything right, so take as much time as you need. This is a very important decision.

2. Talk to Your Staff

Your employees are the ones wearing the shirts so get their feedback. You can receive valuable information with this strategy. For example, more people may prefer shirts which do not tuck in, and you should consider what the majority wants. This will increase the comfort level and your staff will appreciate the fact you consulted them beforehand. Plus, you will have little opposition to wearing your custom logo shirts since your employees had a hand in the decision.

3. Keep Details to a Minimum

Some of the best logos and designs are simple yet effective. If you place too many things on your shirt, the main message could be lost. Plus, you might draw attention away from the company logo and this may defeat the purpose of having special clothing for your business.

4. Don’t Be Too Funny

Subtle humor is great for business but make sure your shirts do not become jokes. When this happens, people may no longer take your business seriously.

5. Consider Your Target Audience

Who do you want to attract with your shirts? Does your business cater to mostly females or males? Is there a specific age group you are interested in? These factors are very important when choosing a design.

Choose the Right Printers

Selecting a printer is the most important thing to consider for logo shirts. A good print shop is there to help you choose the right colors, fonts, text and images. You can do most of the designing online or talk to your printers for assistance. The website is easy to use and order from. Once you choose a good printer you have a trusted source for all the printing and custom apparel you need in the future.

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