Three Men’s Shirts Styles and When to Wear Each

Many men dislike the idea of putting a lot of thought into what they wear. Instead, they’d rather not have to think about it. These men often believe that style and fashion are the domain of women. It may surprise you to find out that women disagree. Most women will make judgements about you based on what you’re wearing and how you’re wearing it. It’s not just women you have to worry about, however.

In the professional world, dress and grooming are very important. While it’s not always necessary to wear a suit and tie, dressing well will go a long way to making the right kind of impression on work associates, clients, and employees. Truly, the type of shirt you wear says a lot about you, both in the professional and personal domains.

When and How to Wear a T-Shirt

The standard t-shirt is probably the most common of all the types of men’s shirts. It’s comfortable, easy to wear with all kinds of pants, and can be considered stylish if used correctly. Many would consider t-shirts to be overused, and that really is true. The best times to wear t-shirt are out at very casual events. You might not want to wear a t-shirt, plain or graphic, to parties or out to dinner. Most men don’t look great with their t-shirt tucked in, so most men should try to avoid that.

If you want to wear a graphic t-shirt with the logo of your favorite sports team, for example, it usually looks nice to layer this with another shirt. You could layer a short sleeved button down shirt over your t-shirt. Another option would be to wear this kind of shirt with a hooded zipper sweatshirt.

When and How to Wear a Polo

Polos are a great in between shirt. These men’s shirts are not overly casual, but also aren’t extremely dressy. In many social situations, you might feel uncomfortable wearing a button up collared dress shirt but might want to avoid a t-shirt. Polos are perfect for these situations. Unless you’re working and are required to tuck your shirt, you should probably avoid tucking in a polo as well. There are exceptions, however, such as if the polo is very long. However, most men don’t have a physique that compliments wearing this kind of shirt tucked in.

When and How to Wear a Button-Up Dress Shirt

Although this kind of shirt is usually best for very dressy situations, there are exceptions. In fact, you don’t always have to wear this kind of shirt with a tie. Depending on the material and design, you could wear a long sleeve button up shirt with jeans. Denim shirts in this style, particularly ones with lapel pockets are great for this.

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