Those Bowling Sport Accessories You Should Not Do Without

Whether you play bowling just for leisure, or as a competitive sport, getting kitted with the right accessories can make a big difference to your enjoyment and performance in the game. Here are our favorite accessories that you might want to consider to boost your game.

Personal Bowling Ball
The bowling ball seems like an obvious choice for an accessory- after all, you can’t play without one. Although not really an “accessory”, finding the right bowling ball and making it yours can make a real difference to the enjoyment of your game, so it’s really worth getting your own and adding it to your accessories. So how do you pick the right bowling ball for you?

First of all, find open that is the right fit, weight and size for you to play at your most optimum. Don’t just shop blind- try out a different variety of balls on the bowling alley whilst playing to see which fit best and help you to play at your best. The more you play and try different balls, the more you are likely to find an obvious fit that just feels right. Make sure that you can comfortably play with your bowling ball for a long duration, and that the weight or size of the holes doesn’t cause you too much discomfort.

As a final touch, why not engrave your bowling ball and customize it with your favorite, or maybe even lucky color! Not only will this help you to not lose your ball and identify it when you’re playing, but it will also give your game an added exciting boost!

Bowling Bag
A natural second choice for your accessories is the right bowling bag to keep all your kit together and looking smart. Why not personalise your bowling bag? Play in a team? Make sure your bowling bag shows which team you belong to, and proudly! Play on your own? Why not engrave your name on it, or add a lucky charm or color to the bag?

Bowling Shoes
Not only does having your own bowling shoes help you to look your best at your game, it can also significantly improve your performance when playing. It’s crucial to make sure that your bowling shoes are a good fit, ensuring comfort when you’re out playing. The better quality shoes will also provide you with just the right amount of grip, which will only help to improve your technique!

Bowling Gloves
Gloves can make a big difference to your comfort. Just make sure that your gloves are the perfect fit- and remember that your fingers still fit into the holes in your bowling ball when you’re wearing them.
Whichever bowling accessories you choose for your leisure or competitive play, you’re sure to get more from your game and really look the part! Have fun with your accessories, and get the most out of the brilliant game!

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