The Importance of Java Cigars

Do you enjoy a great cup of coffee with your fine cigar? Many people do. How about adding chocolate and maybe a tiny bit of vanilla and other spices? Now take this entire experience and blend it into an amazingly aromatic and spicy cigar. This is the essence of Java cigars, and they come to you from Rocky Patel and Jonathan Drew (of Drew Estate). These box pressed, hand wrapped smokes have unique qualities and they deserve your attention (if you love a great flavored cigar). Now, let’s talk about these square shaped beauties a little more.

Box Pressed?

Do you know what box pressed means? Sure they have square sides, but why? Years ago, box pressing was done out of necessity. Cuban cigar makers used to press their smokes tightly in boxes, to save on shipping. As a result, this squared off the round edges. Box pressing is permanent for some cigars, yet others will return to their original shape inside the humidor, over time.

Today’s manufacturers use square molds or boxes, and place their newly rolled cigars inside. After applying pressure, they will achieve the desired shape. Box pressing is nothing new as it has been used for over 50 years.

Benefits of Box Pressed Smokes

Many people appreciate the square edges because you can set the smoke down and it will not roll away. Box pressed cigar lovers often state their smokes burn much slower and have a more even draw. But mostly it’s a matter of personal preference, and you may hate them or love them. Now enough about the shape. Let’s talk about the origin of Java cigars.

Jonathan Drew and Rocky Patel

Jonathan Drew had a passion for making cigars and moved to Nicaragua (from the US) in 1998. He started out with virtually nothing and has grown to be a major force in the cigar industry today.

Rocky (Rakesh) Patel began as a Hollywood attorney with an impressive clientele of “A List” actors. Rakesh (born in India) spent a lot of time with actors and this is how he became enamored with cigars. He eventually spent 5 years in Honduras learning all he could about the cigar trade. Today he is one of the most respected cigar makers in the world.

Java cigars are the result of the efforts of two of the cigar industry’s greats. When you light up one of these smokes, you’ll think you are in a quaint little coffee shop with all its wonderful aromas. Close your eyes and stay a while to enjoy the chocolaty coffee sweetness from your special Java cigar.

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