The Best E Cigarette Dessert Flavor For Your Taste Preference

Everyone has their favorite dessert, and the flavor options in e-juice allow manufacturers to recreate those flavors so you can enjoy them while vaping. This provides a very large selection of your favorite of e cigarette dessert flavors to choose from, and even some to try to for the first time.

Enjoy Anytime

Many people enjoy these dessert flavored vapes after a meal, satisfying that craving for something sweet without having to add all those calories. These are also a great vape for a morning or afternoon coffee break, or to enjoy anytime of the day.

Some of the e cigarette dessert flavors are sweet while others may be more of a creamy flavor or a fruit flavor. Most have a complexity to them to include all the different flavors found in a dessert from the taste of pastry, fruit and cream found in pies to the wonderful flavors of more exotic dessert combinations.

Flavor Options

There are several dessert flavors that are always popular, and below is a basic review of tried and true favorites that really are worth buying and having on hand.

1. Milk – there are several different companies that make a variety of e-cig juices that use the word milk. These are usually a creamy combination of fresh fruits or cereal, and they often include the classic strawberries and cream flavors or mixed fruit and cream.

2. Muffins – who doesn’t love the smell and the tastes of warm cinnamon muffins combined with the sweet/tart taste of apples. This is a wonderful combination of flavors that will have you thinking of home, and it is a great vape in the morning.

3. Twinkies – these classic combinations of cake and icing that most people remember fondly from their younger days is a great option in e cigarette dessert flavors. This is made by several companies and can include different fruit flavors with the cake and icing combination based on the manufacturer.

4. Neapolitan – just like the triple ice cream, this vape includes hints of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. Each flavor is distinctive when vaping, making this is a unique experience.

5. Cheesecake – there is a range of different cheesecake vaping liquids out there. You will find strawberry, New York, cherry and a range of unique types of cheesecake flavors, typically with fruit and that rich, creamy undertone.

You will also find some amazing e cigarette dessert flavors including chocolate chip cookies, cream pies, banana cream, S’mores and just about any other dessert you can imagine. Spend some time trying different options; this is one vaping experience you are really going to enjoy.

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