The Benefits of Using Base Coat Nail Polish and Protective Tips

A base coat nail polish is not only used as a manicure starter but is also used to protect your nails. Its functions are similar to that of primer for makeup. The benefits of using a base coat are not limited by gender. Every one above the age of 15 can use it to protect their nails and make them healthier. Here are some benefits of using a base coat for your nails.

Safety from Hazardous Chemicals

A human nail has almost 7 layers. The layers closest to the skin are thicker and less luscious, whereas the upper layers are thinner and glossy. The use of heavy chemicals and thick nail polishes can destroy the natural beauty of your nails. Nail art is undoubtedly beautiful but the techniques used in nail art can ruin the upper layers of your nails. Using glue and sticky materials, applying several coats of nail polish or using alcoholic nail polish removers reduces the shine of your nails and makes them weaker against climatic changes. Base coat nail polish protects your nails from the effects of hazardous chemicals in nail polish and peeling objects like glue and gum sticks.

Prevention from Nail Staining

Continuous use of nail polish makes nails yellow and pale, especially if you use the dark nail polish colors. This is called nail staining. This may also occur in only some parts of the nails. Using a basecoat under your nail polish prevents the nail polish from seeping into the upper layers of nails. This is a great way to maintain the natural color of your nails.

Ridge Filler

Some general imperfections of the nails include cracks, peeled layers and discoloration. These ridges require expensive cosmetic treatments to recover. A single or two applications of the base coat can hide these imperfections and make your nails appear smoother, glossier, and naturally healthier.

Covers Cuticle

The nail cuticle protects your nails from bacterial infection. Being a part of the soft skin, cuticles can be easily damaged even with minor cuts and bruises. The chemicals and toxins of nail polish can also enter the skin through a bruised cuticle. Using a base coat nail polish protects the cuticle not only from the hazardous effects of nail polish on cuts but also from the damage caused by environmental toxins.

Nutrition Supply

A majority of the base coat nail polishes are manufactured with natural ingredients including aloe vera and vitamin E as primary ingredients. These nutritious ingredients not only repair the damage caused by splitting and peeling but also moisturize and nourishes the dry nails.

Base coat also increases the durability of the nail polish and makes it stay on your nails for a longer time. Even if you are not a nail polish lover, there are a lot of benefits you can receive from using a base coat nail polish.

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