The Benefits of Gelato When Compared To Regular Ice Cream

People often mistake gelato for ice cream. However, there are many differences between the two. Ounce per ounce, gelato has a lot less fat than ice cream. Standard American ice cream contains about 10-18% fat, whereas gelato can contain anywhere between 4-8%.  This means that you can eat gelato without sacrificing taste, and without worrying about fat or calories. Standard ice cream coats the lining of your tongue with fat and acids. This blocks your taste buds from experiencing the full flavor, and it can greatly impede your sense of taste.  With gelato, you can experience the full range of flavor without experiencing any taste impediment.

A Wide Range of Infused Flavors

Gelato comes in a huge range of flavors. Some of these flavors are very exotic and delicate, so they wouldn’t work well if they were combined with ice cream. Gelato is incredibly silky in texture, and it slides down smoothly while leaving an amazing burst of flavor in your mouth. Authentic Italian gelato comes in almost any flavor imaginable. From caramel sea salt to Tahitian vanilla and even apple pie, the flavors are amazing. You will never run out of flavors to try, and it is a great dessert for any occasion. If you want an amazing dessert, then gelato is the way to go.

Serving Temperature When Compared To Ice Cream

Ice cream is usually served at a very low temperature. The cold itself can also impede the flavor, and it can numb your taste buds. Gelato is often served at a higher temperature, and it does not melt the same way that ice cream does, because there is less air pockets in the mixture. Some people warm their gelato to the point of melting so they can experience the full range of flavor that these deserts have to offer. Gelato is considered to be much healthier than ice cream, and it is a tantalizing treat that can be served any time of the day or night. You can indulge without breaking your diet, and once you try it you will definitely keep coming back for more.

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