Take A Walk On The Wild Side With Innovative E Cigarette Flavors

For many people getting started with an e-cigarette, the tendency is to choose an e-juice flavor that is familiar or something that you may have experienced before. You may also be a person that tends to ask other vapers about their favorite e cigarette flavors and then go and check out the flavor profile before deciding to give it a try.

While it is true that everyone has a different preference in flavors, just like everyone has a favorite dessert or meal, trying new flavors is a great way to expand your horizons. Some people try to have a range of different e juices on hand to match with the mood they are in and what they may be eating or drinking at the time.

Try a Blend

There are many different e-juice manufacturers that have created some amazing blends and unique taste combinations that are hard to break down into the individual flavors.

In fact, breaking them down and simply describing each type of flavoring used really doesn’t do justice to the final flavor you get when everything comes together. However, if you look at the predominant flavors to see if they are sweet, savory, fruity or perhaps more like traditional tobacco flavors, you will have a decent idea of what it will taste like.

Get a Sample Pack

One of the best ways to try different e cigarette flavors is to choose an online e-cigarette retailer you trust and buy a sample pack. These are typically the most popular flavors — but not the basic flavors — offered through their top selling brands.

Instead of being predictable and choosing the same old flavors, getting a sample pack or a gift pack is going to open up a whole new world of options. These are typically smaller sized bottles, allowing you to use them a few times to determine if this is a great, good or just OK flavor for your particular tastes.

The top companies will breakdown or categorize the e cigarette flavors they offer on their website. This allows you to zero in on what you know you like, such as berry flavors, but then look to blends or unique combinations of flavors including the berry option.

Once you find a brand of e juice that you enjoy the vaping experience with, consider challenging yourself to try at least one new flavor when you buy your standard order.

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