Prepare to Sell Multiple Cups of Coffee

Would you rather sell 1 cup of coffee or 8 cups of coffee? Most businesses would answer 8 cups of coffee naturally. How about selling coffee to go? Would you rather sell 1 cup or 8 cups? Again, the answer is 8 cups. How can you sell 8 cups of coffee to go without using a lot of cups, lids and sleeves? The answer is boxed coffee. You’ve already seen wine in a box, now coffee is available in a box and you can make sure that your customers are buying your coffee in a box. This is especially useful for food service establishments that sell a lot of hot beverages. You can maximize your incremental sales with the help of a box of coffee manufacturer. Boxed coffee is essentially a corrugated encasement that keeps beverages hot for 2 hours. Boxed coffee is perfect bundled with other menu options. It can be thought of as an impulse buy that can lead to much stronger sales. The box itself is manufactured with a minimum of 25% recycled content.

Keep Coffee on the Agenda

Since a lot of businesses tend to use a coffee service independent of your food services it’s time for a breakthrough invention that will keep your brand of coffee on their agenda. Who wants to be responsible for making that first pot of coffee for an early morning meeting? Typically no one. Instead it’s much easier to purchase a box of hot coffee that already prepared and ready to serve. You’ll be given your customers a way to supply coffee immediately without any work on their part. Now you can offer bulk coffee to go and watch your profits soar.

On the Go Coffee Boxes Are Growing in Demand

A disposable coffee box is an easy, one-handed solution that can meet the needs of your customers. The box used to keep the coffee can also be manufactured to include your brand, company name, designs and logo. Such a breakthrough innovation gives your business the chance to truly capture the coffee consuming market. You may be wondering how the coffee box works. There is a bag inside with a pop, fill and go feature that keeps you from having to manually inflate the bag before adding the coffee. Instead the bag is automatically inflated the moment the box is converted into its fully formed container. Coffee can then be added while providing a clean solution for your customers. Storage is flat for this one-piece product that is manufactured from recycled materials. For more information contact LBP Manufacturing, Inc. or visit domain URL.

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