Nothing Beats the Simms G3 Guide Jacket for Durability and Protection

At International Angler, we understand the importance of a good jacket. Whether you’re standing on the banks or floating out in the middle of a huge lake, you want to know you’re protected from the elements. A proper Simms G3 Guide Jacket will ensure you can keep fishing, no matter what the weather says.

We’re proud to continue our tradition of offering fishing enthusiasts and professionals the finest equipment. When you know that you can count on your gear, you know you’re going to have a better angling experience, and enjoy all the things you love about fishing. From the bright sun to the smallest ripple in the pond, this is your time to bask.

Let’s start at the top of the Simms Gore Tex G3 Guide Jacket. An adjustable storm hood keeps your head and face warm and dry, and well equipped to see your equipment and catch. Use the adjustable cuffs and shock cord hem as an additional seal against cold, wet air. The five storage pockets are microfleece lined and quick drying and are the perfect place to put your cold hands. This jacket’s body incorporates lite nylon fabric for comfortable wear and easy portability, though the nylon around the shoulders is a bit heavier for added durability and protection. There are two patented built-in retractors, as well as the 3-layer GORE-TEX® Performance Shell fabric. You can rest assured that this jacket offers everything you could want in a fishing coat.

This is the perfect jacket for the amateur just starting out, or the long time veteran of commercial angler fishing. With a variety of designs and sizes, International Angler gives you the options you need, and provides the jacket you want. Opt for Black Olive or Catch Camo Orange – whatever best suits your style and taste. One of the great things about the Simms G3 Guide Jacket is that, even though it’s high performance, it never gets in your way.

You’re serious about fishing, and don’t have the time to mess around with bulky jackets with too few pockets, no protection against the elements and an uncomfortable fit. Why mess with sub-par gear when you can get the best from International Angler? We take pride in our products, and maintain a deep respect for your love of fishing. As enthusiasts ourselves, we’re dedicated to the utmost in quality and service.

Stop in today, or check out the website to learn more about the Simms G3 Guide Jacket. It will be our pleasure to serve you, and answer any questions you may have.

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