Menthol Smoke vs. Menthol Vapor: Is one Better?

Menthol is a cool, crisp and minty flavor added to traditional cigarettes to attempt to overpower the nicotine and smoke flavor. Some smokers think that smoking menthol cigarettes is better because the menthol will act like a decongestant, similar to menthol cold products. However, when cigarette manufacturers add menthol to traditional cigarettes, it does not remove any of the chemical components that often cause breathing problems in smokers. Adding menthol simply changes the taste and smokers are left wondering why they still seem to be having breathing problems when they switch to menthol cigarettes.

With a menthol electronic cigarette, you get the benefits of menthol without the additives of a traditional cigarette. Many people new to personal vaporizers, or at least new to the menthol flavor, are surprised at the refreshing properties of menthol vapors. Rather than feeling stuffy and having trouble breathing, menthol vapors may actually work to counteract sinus issues. People are different, but there are users who swear that menthol vapors are more productive at helping them feel better than smoking menthol cigarettes.

Menthol Vapor Has Less Chemicals

All personal vaporizer flavors use some form of chemicals to create the vapor liquid. However, this mix is much less harmful than traditional cigarettes, which use a variety of harmful chemicals to create the right flavor. The vapor that emits from a menthol electronic cigarette does not contain the carcinogens or second-hand smoke effect that comes from traditional cigarettes. That’s why users of menthol vapors may find temporary relief from sinus problems or suffer less asthma symptoms when using menthol vapors as opposed to menthol cigarettes.

Menthol Is an Easy Flavor to Mix

People who love to mix vapor flavors will find that it’s easy to mix menthol with many other flavors. Because a menthol electronic cigarette has a fresh, crisp taste it works well with other minty flavors like wintergreen or peppermint. It also blends well with a mild flavor like vanilla. There isn’t much you can’t do with the menthol flavor, although everyone usually has a favorite. Some e-cig users even rely on menthol or menthol mixes to help them kick a cigarette addiction because it’s the closest thing to their old brand of cigarettes. For more information, you can visit at Domain URL

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