Magical Creations For Special Occasions

Incorporate otherworldly motifs into your creations with unicorn molds. Choose between a wide array of shapes, sizes, materials, colors and molds designed for different applications, from candy assortments to cakes.

Unicorn Toppers

Craft unicorn-shaped toppers for cakes and cupcakes that delight and inspire guests. Combined with a food-approved plastic pick, toppers transform basic birthday cakes or everyday cupcakes into unique and fun edibles fit for royalty. A variety of sizes makes it easy to find just the right topper for your baking needs.

Candy & Chocolate Unicorn Molds

Event-specific candy never goes out of style. Unicorn candy molds are just the tools to help you whip up your next batch of fantasy-themed sweets. Unicorn candy molds are small, medium or large and come in shapes ranging from mere horns to entire unicorns flying through clouds.

Lollipop molds help you bring your personalized candy themes to life for holidays, birthdays, corporate events or promotions. Explore 3D unicorn molds that transform edible fondant and other materials into “realistic” horns, ears and eyes. Molds are made of silicone, making for lightweight durability and easy, no-stick release.

Cupcake Molds & Cookie Cutters

Bake up fantasy selections with silicone cupcake cavity molds. Shapes range from unicorn profiles to unicorns in full gallop. Similarly, cookie cutters simplify the creation of colorful horn shapes or cookies shaped like marching or running unicorns, replete with full mane and bushy tales.

What’s a unicorn cake, cupcake or cookie without colorful bling? Be sure to stock up on jewel-toned, edible bling like glittery sugar, colorful sprinkling and unicorn horn-shaped sprinkles. These effects drive home the magical theme and take your baked goods to new, sparkling levels.

Unicorn cake sets are another wonderful idea, containing all the materials and detailed instructions required. The set includes toppers that quickly turn any cake into a whimsical, technicolor masterpiece that is visually stunning and scrumptious.

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