Islamic Apparel: Ethical Shopping

When it comes to shopping for Islamic clothing, the choice is no longer limited. In today’s world, the market is opening rapidly. The technology of the time has introduced a different means to purchase eastern clothing. The internet has provided Muslim women and men the chance to purchase traditional dress and modern variations.

Yet, when it is time to purchase online or in person, it is important you are aware of issues that pertain to the world we live in. While price and value are of concern to everyone, it is also important to look at other aspects. The online retail store or physical structure may purchase its materials or completed eastern clothing locally or internationally. Whatever its source, it is important for you as a concerned consumer to consider the ethics behind the product.

Ethical Business – Questions to Consider

An ethical business is one that functions within a code of set and ethical behavior. This applies to the production of eastern clothing as well as for children’s clothes. Before you purchase any article or item stop and ask these questions:

  • Where is the source of the material?
  • Who supplies the material?
  • Does the company follow the labor regulations for production within that country?
  • Does the company create its own but higher standards?
  • How high are those standards in the country of origin of materials and in the production room?

When it comes to production methods you need, above all, to ask yourself if the shop is operated in a fashion of the highest standards or is it reminiscent of a stereotypical sweat-shop. If it is the former, the business is an ethical one. The eastern clothing you purchase is not tainted by any undesirable and morally reprehensible act.

Other Issues
When it comes to purchasing eastern style clothing, you need also concern yourself with the wages and salaries of all individuals. This refers not only to those who create the items but also those who sell them. The ability to make sure everyone involved in the business of producing eastern clothing is compensated sufficiently is a moral right. Everyone needs to take responsibility for their brothers and sisters. It is the sign of a truly ethical individual.


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