Innovative Beer Bicycles Let You Bring Ales and Lagers to the People

If you’ve been looking for an innovative way to get your beer brand into the hands of new customers, look no further than a beer bike. Produced in Montana, mobile brewpubs allow you to pedal your way through crowds to deliver and dispense cups of beer straight to the thirsty masses.

A New, Portable Way to Reach Customers

The compact size of most beer bikes allows you to wind your way through any size gathering of people at festivals, street fairs, and farmers’ markets, giving you a fresh way to serve up frosty beers to new customers you may not have been able to with a beer truck or trailer. Beer bikes are available in a variety of colors and offer a customizable jockey box plus the option to add lighting and waterproof, Bluetooth speakers. With all these options, you’re sure to be the coolest entry of any parade, especially during the summer when a cold beer is sure to hit the spot with your customers.

Safely Transport Ice-Cold Beer to the Masses

On a lightweight, steel tricycle frame, look for a beer bike that features a 24-speed drive train with a dual-piston hydraulic brake, allowing you to stop safely and quickly on a variety of terrain. Thorn resistant tires and a front disc brake are also available on mobile brewpub bicycles. Signed up for an event that starts or stretches into the night? Choose a beer bike that can offer you high-efficiency LED lights that will help you safely serve up lagers and pale ales with a front light, tail lights and running lights, so that you can keep your beer business up and running day or night.

For more information about beer bikes in Montana, contact them through the website to find out how you can get your hands on a mobile beer bicycle of your very own.

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