Iconic Vintage Shirts

Just like the shape of a pinup girl, or the look of a classic car, the t-shirt also has earned notoriety. While the t-shirt started as an undergarment for overseas soldiers, it soon became a staple in the wardrobe of men and women everywhere. A t-shirt could have many different colors or patterns, but some designers used the t-shirt as the opportunity to mark a historical moment in history. There are a few vintage t-shirt logos that have lasted through the years, which are a testament to the particular culture at that time.

“I ♥ NY”

The “I ♥ NY” logo was created by designer Milton Glaser, which started as a simple sketch on a napkin. The logo was meant to be used as part of an advertising campaign to increase tourism in New York. While the campaign was originally expected only to last a few months, the logo quickly became an infamous image, blasted across coffee mugs, baseball caps, and especially t-shirts. The campaign still hasn’t ended, finding new momentum after the attacks of 9/11, when the country banded together in unison to proclaim the strength and recovery of the United States.

Rolling Stones Album Cover

In 1971, the Rolling Stones released an album called “Sticky Fingers,” which was the 11th American album of the band. This album had two covers, including on with a solid black background, featuring an open mouth with red lips and a tongue sticking out. The album was widely received as one of the best albums ever published by the Rolling Stones or any other rock banks around. The logo has become a staple for any Rolling Stones fan, selling out of the t-shirt at their concert, following the release of the album.

Frankie Say Relax

Frankie Goes To Hollywood released the single “Relax” in 1984. However, censors for the music industry edited the song in its release. In effort to fight back against censorship, Frankie Goes To Hollywood produced and sold plain white t-shirts with the block lettering “Frankie Says Relax.” The graphics inspired many future logos and themes with the thick style of the letters, making it both iconic and influential in future fashion.

Reminiscing About the Old Days

Many vintage t-shirts are earning new popularity with retro fashion coming back into style. Shirt logos that aren’t even two decades old, like “Vote for Pedro” from the film Napoleon Dynamite, are even available as a novelty item. As you assemble your favorite pieces in your revamped closet, make sure to include a few of the key vintage shirts to make your collection complete.

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