How To Sell Guitars In Chicago

Whether you’ve upgraded or are simply no longer interested in playing, selling a guitar can be a tricky process. While you want to be sure you get a fair price for your equipment, you don’t want to spend ages waiting around for the right buyer to show up. This is where second hand stores come in handy – you can sell your equipment to a reputable retailer, who will take care of finding the right customer. There are a few things that you need to do in order to be sure that this is a successful sale on everyone’s part. Here are some tips on how to sell guitars in Chicago.

Talk To Fellow Musicians

If you know any other musicians, speak to them about their experiences selling their equipment. Chances are they can let you know which retailers to investigate in closer detail and which ones to avoid altogether. If you happen to be selling your old equipment because of an upgrade, speak to the sales staff at the guitar shop. They too may be familiar with reputable retailers in Chicago who can give you further assistance.

Set A Realistic Price

Even if you’ve upgraded, you may still find yourself attached to your old equipment. While this is perfectly understandable, be sure that you are ready to sell, and that you are willing to set a realistic price in the process. Again, it comes in handy to speak to others in the industry in order to get a good idea as to the value of your guitar before you attempt to sell.

Be Sure The Guitar Is In Sellable Shape

At a bare minimum, you should restring your guitar and tune it before you take it to a reseller. This ensures that he or she can get a good feel for your guitar, its sound, and means that they won’t have to invest in a new set of strings before being able to sell it to a third part. This may wind up increasing the value of your equipment, so it’s well worth the extra effort.

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