How to Prepare Some Wonderful Desserts Using Mexican Hot Chocolate

A cup of authentic Mexican hot chocolate is probably one of your best companions on a winter night, second only to a comfortable chair right beside the fireplace. Apart from warming you up quickly, it can leave a warm aftertaste in the mouth, helping you relax. And that is not all it is good for, either! It can also qualify as a quick breakfast when you are in a hurry, if you have a few waffles with it. That is why you should always keep some Mexican hot chocolate powder at home. After all, if you love strong flavors and rich taste in your hot chocolate, then the Mexican variant is definitely the best one you will ever find!

Ever thought of consuming Mexican hot chocolate in any way other than simply drinking it? You could, for instance, make quite a few interesting dessert dishes with this ingredient. Didn’t know about any of those? Well, the following options should give you an idea of what to do with your next pack of chocolate mix:

1. Mexican hot chocolate pudding: It is simple to make, and can easily qualify as one of the best homemade desserts ever. The warm, melt-in-the-mouth texture of the pudding combines perfectly with the flavor of vanilla, resulting in a memorable experience. Run a search online for a recipe, and you are sure to find one pretty quickly. Serve this to your kid after dinner, and you are guaranteed to see his (or her) eyes light up instantly. You may even be able to persuade the little one to eat up the broccolis, without causing too much fuss!

2. Mexican hot chocolate buttercream: Although you would probably not be eating this directly, it can work as a great addition to almost any type of cake or bread that you bake at home. Apply generously on the outer surface of the cake (or bread) after baking, and you will make the latter a lot more appetizing than ever before.

3. Mexican hot chocolate cookies: Ever had these cookies as a child? Now it is your kids’ turn to have some of these delicious desserts. Make a batch today, and watch the cookies get devoured within just a couple of hours! Look for the recipe online, and you will certainly find it pretty quickly.

So, what do you plan to make with Mexican hot chocolate on the next weekend? Be sure to buy the best hot chocolate powder you can find, and start looking for recipes. This will certainly bring some much-needed variety to the dining table!

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