How to Pick the Right Engagement Ring

One of the most complicated purchases for men who are considering proposing to their girlfriend is how to find the perfect engagement ring. Given that society puts such pressure on men to find the most beautiful romantic symbol, it is often forgotten what giving this special ring actually means. In focusing on the eternal love and devotion rather than the carat size, the man has a difficult decision to make that is seldom accomplished alone. Men typically need guidance as they learn about settings, carat, and quality as they search for their perfect ring for their special someone.

The Three Factors to Look for in Your Search

The three important factors to consider when you are choosing the perfect engagement ring are setting, carat, and quality. To the average male, these three words may be quite confusing. This is precisely why it is best to use an online retailer or in-person storefront that will have an educated sales person able to answer any questions you may have.

When looking for the proper setting, understand that it is the foundation of the ring where the beautiful stones will be framed. Browse some magazines and imagine your special someone, and once you see the right style, you will just know. Additionally, consider whether you want to invest in platinum, gold, silver or rose gold.

Pertaining to carat, it is best to go in person the first time to see the size of the stones. The reason for this is that the Internet can be very deceiving to the eye. If you go in person, you will know exactly what you are looking for.

Clarity is a concept that is new to most consumers. This is simply because the diamond industry grading system is a very complicated one. There are many grades of quality to certify quality and authenticity. Once again, it is best to choose in person and observe the difference for yourself. At times, it may be best to reduce the carat size in order to get a stone that is higher quality. This will also save you money.

How to Not Overpay for Your Ring

When shopping for the ideal engagement ring, remember that the most expensive ring is not always the best. Consider this purchase like a bottle of fine wine. There are times when the less expensive bottle has a better flavor. The diamond industry is similar in that there are ways to get wonderful stones, beautiful settings, and good carat weight for an affordable price. What is important to remember is that you should shop around.
Stores offer specials, quality can be saved by reducing carat size or the setting to gold instead of platinum. These subtle differences will not be noticeable to an untrained eye and will still provide for a beautiful and meaningful purchase. Just remember that it is the message behind the purchase that is the most important and thinking this way will lead you to the proper choice as you enter one of the most romantic time of your life.

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