How to Make Sure That You Get the Right Airsoft Accessories

These are the essential airsoft accessories:

Face and Eye Protection

Face protection, as with eye protection, will come in many forms and types; from mesh, hard plastic, and neoprene to utilizing a bandana or shemagh.

Extra Ammunition, Speed Loader(s) and Weapon System Magazines

Depending upon the weapon system which you are carrying for a situation, and whether or not the situation is full auto or semi-auto, is going to dictate how many additional magazines and loaders which you’ll carry in your load-out.

Long Sleeved Shirt and Long Pants: Preferably a Military Uniform

Military uniforms are available in different camouflage patterns and styles.

Boots: Tactical or Combat are Preferred

Boots must be comfortable to wear, support the ankles, broken in, and have good tread for running and climbing.


As with some of the additional items on the list, they assist in protecting the hands from the trees, environment, thorns, bushes, flying BBs, splinters, etc.


Hats may have a variety of uses, which include: shading the eyes from the sun, soaking up sweat so it does not get into the eyes or eye protection, which assists you with your camouflage, protecting your head from objects in the field, as well as flying BBs.

Knee Pads

Pads are simple, they’ll protect the knees from falls, as well as banging into hard items such as walls and stone fences.

Equipment Load-Out Rig

Equipment load-out rigs simply are items you wear to carry most of your additional gear.

Magazine Pouches for the AEG Weapon System

This may not seem important, yet magazine pouches are critical on any load-out. They assist you in carrying and protecting the additional magazines for the AEG weapon you choose.

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