How to make fun custom candies at home

Whether you are a mom looking for a great project to do with the kids or you simply always wanted to make your own candy, there is nothing stopping you. Nowadays, there is a variety of professional candy making supplies and tools available online and in local stores that allow you to make fun, custom candies right in your home. The typical way to make chocolate candies is using chocolate candy molds. The molds allow you to set your candy in a cold location such as the fridge or freezer so you can pop them out later and enjoy.

All types of molds to choose from

The great thing about chocolate candy molds is that there is no end to the amount of options you can choose from. If you want to make themed candy for Halloween or Christmas, you can find many different molds that can be used for this purpose. You can also find regular circular shaped molds or molds of other shapes that you can use according to your needs and preferences. If you want a custom chocolate candy mold, you can have these especially made as well.

How to use the molds

You can make really great treats very simply. You will need to start with getting melting chocolate that you can melt down in a double boiler. Once the chocolate is fully melted, you can then transfer some of it to the bottom of your mold. If you want the candy to have a filling such as nuts or marshmallows, you can use this as well. In addition, you can have the chocolate candy molds basted in a little coconut oil to make the candy come out much more easily.

By following these basic and simple steps, you are sure to get the perfect candy using chocolate candy molds.

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