How to Find Easy to Care for Short Sleeve Blouses

Whether you need something new to wear to work or to wear on a family road trip, short sleeve blouses are always a good option. Where you wear a blouse will depend on its fabric makeup. In addition, it can be worn almost any time of the year because it can be worn underneath a blazer or a cardigan to help keep you warm on cooler days.

Fabric Choices

If you are looking for a blouse in an easy to care for fabric, you have several options. If you want something that you can wash and wear, a polyester blend fabric is a good choice. A polyester and cotton blend blouse will not shrink in size, it will maintain its shape and it is a common fabric blend. It is easy to care for, but you should pay attention to the label to help keep the blouse looking its best.

Rayon is also a good choice for short sleeve blouses, especially one that looks less casual. It is a more “natural” manmade fabric, and while some rayon clothing labels read “dry clean only,” if in a blend with another fabric, or two, it could be machine washable. Rayon looks great and drapes well on the body, so a rayon blend fabric is a good choice for blouses to wear to work or wherever you go that requires something dressier.

Fabric manufacturers are also coming up with new ways to use nylon in apparel. It is an easy care, wash-and-wear fabric for making tops, dresses and other clothing items. You can find nylon in many knit tops, in undergarments and it is frequently used in swimwear. Nylon fibers are sturdy and clothing made from nylon will last for a long time if treated well.

Another tough fabric choice is acrylic. Acrylic and cotton is a blend is common for blouses of all types. For outerwear, Acrylic and wool work well together to create warm coats and tops. It is also an easy care fiber that you can usually wash and wear. As with any fabric, you want to check the clothing tag and make sure you follow the instructions for caring for it.

Easy Care Fabrics

While most fiber blends are very easy to care for, in order to make your clothing lasts longer, be sure to wash similar fabrics together. This will ensure that all of your clothing receives the best care possible to keep the fibers strong and keep the colors from washing away.

If you hang up your short sleeve blouses as soon as it comes out of the dryer, there will be less chance of wrinkles and you won’t have to press your blouse before wearing it.

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