How to Enhance the Life of Your Monitor by Using a Sunshade

Once you have a drone and you’ve learned how to fly it, the next step is often procuring accessories that can make the act of flying even more easy and relaxing. Some of the most commonly used accessories include cables, extra batteries, lanyards, and the sunshade for a Mavic Pro. While many of these products are self-explanatory, many budding drone operators wonder whether a sunshade is something they really need. We’ll investigate that in this article.

How’s the Weather?

If you live in an area where you often wake up to bright sunshine, you certainly need to purchase a sunshade for your drone. Not doing so is a disservice to yourself and your drone. This is especially true if you plan to do much outdoor flying during the daylight hours. The sunshade for a Mavic Pro will keep that glare off of the monitor as you take flight and see what is happening around your aircraft.

Even if you live somewhere that is often cloudy or rainy, having a sunshade can help when the weather does clear up for a period of time.

Do You Frequently Film?

One of the areas where a sunshade can really make a difference is when you film or take photographs using your drone. A sunny day can yield some of the most impressive photos and videos, but there are also disadvantages too. A drone without a shade for the monitor is likely going to suffer from washed out images. It is better for a shadow to be present to take some of the brightness away and allow more colorful video.

For those who rarely use their drone for creative pursuits, this might not be as big of an issue. However, considering the price of a sunshade for a Mavic Pro is pretty affordable, there’s no good reason not to have one in case it is needed.

Other Perks of a Shade

If having no glare and having more beautiful video doesn’t do it for you, there are other reasons to add a sunscreen to your accessory list. For one, it offers a nice cushion for your phone or tablet which can help reduce injury to your device in an accident. It also makes it more convenient and easy to hold your tablet while your drone is in flight.

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