How to decorate with sugar pearls

Sugar pearls are a decorative accent you can add to your baked goods and treats that will give them a shimmery look. Sugar pearls are available in a wide variety of different colors and sizes to meet your needs. When you understand the basics of how to decorate with sugar pearls, you can implement them in your baking regimes to ensure outstanding results.

Never bake sugar pearls

It is important to note that sugar pearls should never be baked because they were not meant to withstand very high temperatures. Instead, you will want to only use sugar pearls to decorate the baked goods once they have finished cooking and cooling down. Keeping this very important point in mind is instrumental to making sure that you get great results from your decorating endeavors.

Dragees are not edible

When decorating with sugar pearls which are also known as dragees, it is important to inform your guests that they are not edible. They have not been cleared for consumption by the FDA and as such, they are for decorative purposes only.

Choosing the best sugar pearls

Sugar pearls come in a wide selection of colors and sizes so that you can select just the right ones for your baking needs. Whether you are placing them atop muffins, cookies, scones, or cakes, you are sure to love the dazzling and shimmering results that you get from decorating with them.

Apply sugar pearls carefully

You can apply sugar pearls to the cake carefully by using tweezers. Slowly and carefully pick one sugar pearl up at a time and place it wherever you desire. These beautiful pearls are the ideal topping for creating a glamorous and sophisticated look on wedding cakes, graduation cakes, and more.

No matter what you place your sugar pearls on, make sure to purchase them from a reputable and trusted online baked goods store. This will guarantee the very best results for your decorating goals.

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