How Technology is changing Christianity

Technology has made so many advancements it is hard to keep up with the ways it can improve your life. However, technology has offered many benefits to the Christian community bringing us closer together and making the world seem much smaller.

Prophetic Network

Christians have easy access to a prophetic network allowing them to request personal prophecies online as a source of enlightenment and guidance. People can reach out to prophets who have made themselves available through free Christian services such as spiritual readings and personal prophecies. This makes it easier for Christians to find inspiration and walk closer to God. It also allows you to learn more about God’s word and how it affects you personally in your everyday life.

Online Churches

For many it is not possible to get to Church every Sunday. Technology has allowed for many ministries to reach their congregation online keeping those with disabilities or who are elderly or ill in contact with their faith and community. This is a wonderful advancement bringing many who may have otherwise been isolated to participate in following their faith and being able to hear the word of God whenever or wherever they like. How exciting for Christians around the world to also be able to share their faith and communicate through open discussions in Christian forums across the World Wide Web.

Good or Bad

Some might argue that technology can take away from the traditions of the Christian faith. However as the world changes it is important to recognize achievements that can allow better communication and people access to the tools that will strengthen their faith. Prayer groups, bible lessons, informative views and opinions and prophecies are made available through technology opening a whole new world of ways to share in faith for people around the world. For most this is a good thing that helps strengthen their faith and stay in contact with Christian communities. Children have access to vast information on the bible, psalms and other Christian proverbs in many forms including fun games and educational tools. There are even Christian dating services available online allowing Christians to find each other and have a family based on the same beliefs. All of these are positive improvements made possible by technology.

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