How Microtech Automatic Knives Revitalized a Sagging Blade Market

Over the years, Microtech has made a number of fishing blades as well as butterfly knives. It’s their automatic options, however, that have become the most famous by far. Among their most popular designs are their double action and out the front automatics, which actually sort of revitalized the tactical automatic knife market back in the 1990s. By that point, automatic knives were sort of on their way out.

Numerous legal jurisdictions had banned them, which made the appeal of owning them somewhat suspect. However, Microtech automatic knives offered a number of tactical features that turned things around. This was especially true of Florida buyers, who could still purchase most types of knives they wanted. On top of this, Microtech started to partner with some of the best in the industry. They looked for some of the rising stars in the industry, many of whom would later become household names.

Top personalities like Mike Turber and Greg Lightfoot as well as Bob Terzuola have had a hand in designing high-tech Microtech automatic knives. Names like these have lent a great deal of weight to the blades, which are every bit as attractive as they are functional. Others, like Reese Weiland, have worked on exclusive designs. These have later become big sellers on the secondhand market.

In turn, buyers now look to more recent designs in order to add them to their collections before they go away. Those who want to learn more about automatic blades from Microtech are invited to visit online.

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