How Color Diamonds Are Created to Make Unique Diamond Rings

Whether you are in search of a diamond ring to give as an engagement ring or to give as a present for someone special, most diamonds are cut in one of the 10 traditional diamond patterns. In addition, most diamonds on the market will be clear, or “white,” diamonds. However, if you are looking for more unique diamond rings to choose from, you may wish to consider a colored diamond.

Diamond Color Options

Colored diamonds are becoming increasingly popular because they are often more affordable than clear diamonds. This is because most color diamonds are usually simulated or treated diamonds. While there are natural color diamonds, they are rare, which translates into expensive. Some of the popular colors for diamonds are chocolate, blue, pink, yellow and purple. However, simulated diamonds are available in almost any color that you can imagine.

Natural Color Diamonds

The most unique diamond rings available will be natural color diamonds. These diamonds are rarely found, but they do exist. The correct term for these diamonds is “fancy color” diamonds. The first discovery of natural color diamonds came in the 17th century when a precious gems merchant traveled to India to find unique stones to use in jewelry.

The merchant traveled to three different mines and discovered natural color diamonds. In fact, his discoveries include two of the most famous diamonds in the world, the Koh-i-noor diamond, which is a clear diamond, and the Hope Diamond, which is a deep blue diamond. Natural color diamonds are found all over the world. Red diamonds were found in Brazil, the mines of South Africa have produced blue diamonds and a mine in Australia has become the world’s source for pink diamonds.

Natural fancy color diamonds get their hues from different minerals found in the diamond. Diamonds come from deep in the earth and heat and pressure causes them to form. Nitrogen atoms in diamonds give them an orange or yellow hue. Blue diamonds have boron in them, green diamonds get their color from radiation and it is said that purple diamonds get their color from the presence of hydrogen.

Treated Diamonds

Most affordable color diamonds are lab-grown or treated diamonds. Usually a less than perfect natural color diamond will be enhanced to deepen its color and make it more desirable. For instance, a flawed pale yellow diamond will be treated with intense heat and pressure to create a vivid yellow diamond. This treatment can be done with most natural color diamonds.

Lab-grown diamonds are a bit different as the entire diamond is synthetic and color is usually added to diamonds in order to create unique diamond rings and other types of jewelry. You can find color diamond jewelry in most jewelry stores.

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