Gold Buyers Turn Gold Jewelry and Coins into Cash

Many jewelry store owners have become Gold Buyers. They either sell the gold for scrap metal or as jewelry in their showroom. People who own gold can bring it into one of these stores and have it appraised. In addition to jewelry, store owners purchase coins, bars, watches and even gold dental fillings. An experienced appraiser will evaluate the gold while the person waits. They will first determine the percentage of gold that’s in the jewelry. Usually, this ranges from 10K to 24K gold. The higher the number, the more gold there is in the item. Jewelers want solid gold items and not gold-plated items. The quality determines the price per ounce that the they is willing to pay. The appraiser then uses a very accurate jeweler’s scale to weigh the gold.

If the appraiser decides to sell the gold for scrap, they will offer a percentage of the prevailing price for gold. The more optimistic they are that the price of gold will rise, the higher the amount that they will pay. Everyone views a market differently. Therefore, a person should call several stores or pawn shops to find out what they are paying for gold that day. Jewelry store appraisers are always looking for designer gold jewelry or watches. If a person owns a piece of Cartier or Tiffany jewelry, they will probably be able to get more than just scrap value. That is the type of piece that sells well in a jewelry showroom.

Jewelry owners are often very self-conscious when they sell their jewelry. Gold Buyers in Chicago understand this. All transactions are kept confidential. They will make sure that the appraisal and sale are done in a private area. This protects the person’s privacy and personal security. Depending upon their gold collection, they could be leaving with a great deal of cash. If they prefer, they can also be paid in a check.

Chicago Gold Gallery is one of the Chicago jewelry stores that buys gold. The have convenient Saturday hours available. People can walk in anytime during business hours or make an appointment to have their jewelry appraised. They are an accredited business with an A+ rating with the BBB.

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