Designing the Perfect Home Office

Figuring out the best ways to design your home office can be frustrating. You may end up changing your mind a dozen times before you are satisfied with the placement of a piece of furniture. Whether you have limited space or an expansive room to work with, finding the best modern furniture in Ottawa for your home office remodel will be the biggest time sink throughout the whole process.

Work With your Space

Obviously, it might be nice to dream of working on a huge executive desk with massive bookshelves lining the walls – but in reality, you could be limited to a very small room. Regardless, once you take the time to get a feel for the room and decide exactly what you want to get from it, you can turn it into the best home office around!

* The colors and patterns on the wall can alter your mood and mental focus. Be sure to look into the different colors and how they can improve your mental state so you can design your room to help with creativity or concentration.

* Focus on function first. Purchasing modern furniture in Ottawa from Simply Wood means you have selected one of the oldest custom makers of high quality wood furniture around. As such, you are sure to find a piece that is both beautiful and functional and made to last a lifetime!

* Follow function with form. Once the room is functional and organized, you can start to focus on its form and begin adding design elements that provide a contemporary or classic feel to the overall area. This can be with leather accents, art work, rugs or decorative shelving.

* Separate the home office from your personal spaces. In order to concentrate on work, you need to remove distractions. Don’t have a television or other entertainment items nearby. Keep those in the personal and social areas of the house instead. It’ll help make your time in the office go by quicker and be more productive!

Additional Classic Design Elements

Potted plants, small aquariums and a barrister bookcase are all popular additions to home offices. Not to mention many people add large rugs, artwork on the walls, and decorative elements to the desk such as picture frames and media devices. Once you have decided just what furniture and additional pieces you need to bring it all together as a complete home office, you can start browsing the furniture collection at Simply Wood to find the perfect pieces.

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