Custom Heat Transfers 101

Whether you are ordering a slew of custom heat transfers or own a single favorite heat transfer t shirt you want to last as long as possible, here is all you need to know about custom heat transfers.

Custom Heat Transfers
Custom heat transfers are used as artwork to print onto t shirts. Heat transfers use a special ink that is first printed onto a sheet of paper and then applied using a hot press that literally transfers the artwork onto the t shirt. Hence the name heat transfer. The inks can vary in quality which will affect how the t shirts will wear and how long the quality of the colors will last. Heat transfers are also applied to many different items from mouse pads to aprons and sweat shirts to sports uniforms. The different types of inks used can include various features including sparkles, shines or puffs.

T shirt Colors and Custom Heat Transfers
When ordering custom heat transfers your supplier will be able to advise you on the best t shirts for your purposes. Not all color inks work well on all color tees and discussing your options up front will ensure you are happy with your order. As well some inks do not work well with some fabrics so this will be an important detail to discuss as well.

Heat Transfers versus Screen Printing
The best thing about custom heat transfers is that they can be made to order as a one off or in multiple quantities. Many retailers provide a service where you can have a t shirt made while you wait. This is common in some tourist areas where you can choose the exiting artwork and color t shirt you wish. Custom heat transfers are designed by a company or individual and ordered based on the quantities desired whereas screen printing requires a minimum amount and can take weeks for the order to be completed.

Custom Heat Transfers Care
Once printed the care of the t shirt can often be dependent not necessarily on the heat transfer itself, but on the fabric used for the t shirt. However, the best rule of thumb is to follow the instructions outlined on the t shirt but turn the t shirt inside out when in the washer and dryer.

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