Combining Shower Baby Gifts And A Treat For New Moms As Well

In the all the excitement of the arrival of a new child, sometimes busy Mom’s need a bit of attention too. Choosing baby gifts that are ideal for an infant but also pamper the new Mom are a great way to celebrate this special event for the entire family. Of course there is no reason why you can’t also add in an item or two that a new Dad would enjoy as well, which can really make baby gifts a gift for the entire family to enjoy.

Some of the most popular types of baby gifts include those that personalize the item for the child. You can certainly extend this idea into a gift that includes the whole family. A beautiful picture frame in silver, ceramic or wood can be personalized by listing the family names around the edges with the baby’s name and perhaps date of birth on the top section of the frame. Then, instead of a just a picture of baby in the frame, include a gift certificate for a family group portrait. This makes a beautiful picture that can start a collection of pictures on the wall, the fireplace mantle or on that special table reserved for collectables. Not only will the child have a great picture of the whole family to remember, the family will have a portrait in a beautiful frame that signifies the birthday or arrival of the newest addition.

Moms may also need a bit of time on their own to relax and rejuvenate. Making or buying a baby gift basket that is full of soaps, shampoos and bath accessories for the child is a great idea. Look for baby friendly, no tears, non- perfume types of products that are gentle on baby’s skin. You can then incorporate some similar products for Mom and even for Dad. Think about favorite soaps, bath scrubs and fragrances and include a separate package in the basket for Mom, Dad or both. Another option may be to include a card with a gift certificate to a local spa that could be for one parent or both. You could also really make it a wonderful gift by volunteering to baby sit while Mom and Dad enjoy their spa day.

New Moms always appreciate a bit of additional help. This can include providing extra basic clothing for the child that cuts down on the need to do laundry. It seems when you have an infant one-pieces, socks, bibs, blankets, t-shirts and pyjama sets are constantly in short supply. Providing busy Moms and Dads with a range of clothing for the baby is a great gift that really can help out. For a working Mom or Dad you may also want to include gift certificate for a laundry service that will definitely lighten the load of washing, ironing and folding that is a mainstay of having a child or children in the home.

Remember too that a collection of books for Moms and Dads to read to the baby as he or she grows up is a great gift idea. Baby gifts that include children’s favorite books including new titles and classics will provide hours of relaxation and quality time for families to be together as the child grows.

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