Colored Dragees – The perfect accent for baked goods

Decorating the finished product whether it is a cake, a batch of fresh muffins, or warm cookies is the fun part. Enlisting the help of friends or children is totally optional but is another way of adding fun and excitement to this part of the baking process. When decorating, you have many different options available for making your baked goods look amazing. One of the most popular options is colored dragees. Using these accents on baked goods gives them an enchanting finish.

Elegance and splendour

Colored dragees provide the perfect touch when decorating wedding cakes. It is a painstaking process to apply these accents to a large wedding cake but the end results are simply spectacular. There is no substitute for using these elegant, metallic colored balls to decorate baked goods of all types. You can enjoy giving your cakes, cookies, and muffins a really classy look when you choose these as the final topping.

Choose the right size for your needs

Colored dragees are available in a wide range of different sizes according to your preferences. You can choose the ones that most appeal to you depending on what you are decorating. Dragees are typically offered in 2mm, 3 mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm sizes. The very tiny 3mm dragees are sometimes used in the same way as sprinkles and can be scattered across a batch of sugar cookies for a pretty and distinctive finish.

One thing that guests should know prior to eating your baked goods is that the FDA hasn’t classified colored dragees as safe for consumption. This is due to the metal content of them however other countries do allow consumption of this extra decorative component. When you are wondering how to decorate your cookies, cakes, or muffins in a unique way, consider colored dragees which can provide just the right finish.

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