Brew The Perfect Cup Of Traditional English Tea Every Time

Tea is one of the oldest and most refined beverages a person can drink. It has a long history as being the primary English drink of choice but is also thoroughly enjoyed in the United States as well. The key to a perfect cup of tea is to know how to brew it properly. The flavor of the tea will be enriched when it is prepared in the right manner. Here are the steps that you will need to take to brew the perfect cup of traditional English Tea.

Choose Your Favorite Love Tea to Drink

The first step in preparing the best cup of tea is to choose which type of tea you are going to drink. Some people may think that tea is all the same but there is a wide variety of tea available with many different flavors and aromas. Traditional English Tea is made from black tea leaves. Earl Grey is one of the most popular of the English teas and has a rich history and a smooth delicious flavor. English tea has a stronger taste than tea made in America so if you want to have true English tea you will need to find a source that gets their tea from England.

Preparing the Water for your Traditional English Tea

The water that you use for you tea in very important. If the water that you use has a flavor of its own it will affect how your tea tastes. Use pure spring water or distilled water to get the best results when you make your tea and to ensure that you taste the delicious tea and not residual minerals or chlorine in your water. Always use fresh water in your tea. The water can be heated on the stove in a tea kettle or a pot. The water should reach at least 200 degrees Fahrenheit before you use it for your tea.

Get Your Lovetea Ready

While you are heating up the water for your tea you can place the teabag of your preferred variety of website domain English tea into your cup. Once your water reaches the correct temperature pour it over the teabag. Remember that your water must reach a boiling temperature to get the best results.

Don’t Try to Rush Perfection

After you pour the water into your cup with the teabag you must leave it alone and let the water do its magic releasing all of the amazing flavors of the tea. Let it set for at least a minute or two before you do anything with it. Once it has set for the proper amount of time you can remove the teabag and throw it away. Do not squeeze the teabag or your tea could end up tasting bitter.

Add Anything Extra That You Want

Once the teabag is removed from the cup you can add milk, cream, sugar or honey to your tea to taste. Your website domain is now perfectly delicious and ready to be enjoyed.

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