Best Uses For Personalized Pen Lights

Personalized pen lights make a fantastic promotional giveaway. They are both portable and light, and are often used by professionals who have the ability to promote your business to a wide market without even trying. By branding a promotional pen light with your company’s information and logo, you can help reach a wide audience just by giving the item away to a select few professions.

Doctors, Nurses, And Others In The Medical Field

Pen lights light up a very small area with a bright, powerful light while leaving the remainder relatively dark. This makes them convenient tools for use in many types of medical practices. Dentists, for example, use pen lights to illuminate part of the mouth, in order to facilitate a better examination. Doctors and nurses frequently use pen lights to check pupil response in their patients.

Police Officers

Police officers frequently use pen lights to verify an individual’s identification, and to assess pupil response when a driver is suspected of being under the influence. In cases where a warrant cannot be obtained or where individuals refuse to use a Breathalyzer, pen lights can be exceptionally useful in preventing drunk driving.


Mechanics often rely on pen lights to examine a specific part of the engine, in order to better identify any issues. Certain parts of a car engine can sometimes be in the shadow of other parts, making it hard to spot specific issues, even in bright conditions. The use of a pen light can help illuminate that small portion of the engine, without casting unwanted shadows on other parts.

Renovators and Contractors

Pen lights can also help renovators and contractors identify issues with electricity or plumbing, which are areas that are often hard to see clearly, even when a flashlight or other bright light is used.  As with engine repair, certain household renovations will require light to shine on a specific item without casting a shadow over others, making pen lights an ideal alternative to other, larger light sources.

Promoting Your Brand

With the wide variety of uses, your brand can be seen by many people – even those who do not receive the pen light themselves. Patients seeing doctors or nurses may notice your logo on the side of the pen light, as will homeowners who may be shown problem areas by their contractor with the aid of the pen light. Others who use personalized pen lights may share their tool with colleagues or co-workers, increasing the number of potential consumers exposed to your brand.

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