Benefits Of Using A Pop Up Display At Your Next Trade Show

Most companies wouldn’t consider using a pop up display at their trade show because it seems slightly off. However, newer versions are now available, and you don’t have to stick to plain walls. You can virtually build it up with custom features, just like you would a traditional exhibit, but it allows it to be easier to set up and transport. You can typically find these displays available in table-top versions, 10×10, 20×20 and 10×20, as well as large island options.


You can have a lot of variety with these options because they can come in many sizes and configurations. Curved, wave, and straight configurations are all available so that you can customize it to your particular needs to create something unique and memorable that can be used again.

Set Up

In most cases, trade show pop-up displays can be set up by one person in mere minutes without using any tools. However, it may take a few practice times before you get good enough to do it quickly and you will want to leave yourself at least half an hour to set up initially until you get better at it.


The types of graphics you can use are limitless and can include fabric and large panels. These can be used for displaying your brand message or logo. Fabric panels allow you to attach your posters or other small items with Velcro and can be better for frequent changes. Large panels can turn the back wall into a mural.


Because you can always use multiple pop-ups in your exhibit, you can always customize it to each tradeshow, giving you ample flexibility when creating your next exhibit. You can also add custom graphics, counters that are integrated with extra storage and much more.


Because they are compact and will open up after you open the case, they are very portable and easy to transport. You won’t have to worry about having the correct tools and people around to help with transportation and will be able to quickly set up and tear down.


Even though these displays are very sturdy because of the aluminum frame, they are still lightweight so that you can quickly pick it up and put it in the truck or van.

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