Benefits Of Textured Wallcovering

When homeowners redecorate, they often only consider two options for covering their walls: paint and wallpaper. However, there is a third option that can result in elegant, stunning, and eye-catching walls – textured wallpaper. It’s an affordable and easy to install alternative that can quickly give a room an updated and attractive boost. It is growing in popularity among interior designers and can improve the overall look, and value, of your home once installed. Here are just a few benefits of texture wallcovering.

Versatile and Attractive

There are a ton of options to choose from when it comes to going with the textured approach to covering your walls. It can hide defects that paint would not be able to adequately cover, and can add a whole extra level of depth to your home’s décor. With the number of options on the market, you can easily selected one that suits your style, and the tone of your room. Textured options available include vinyl, wood, seashell, paper, metal, glass beats, and fabric, helping you do more with a room than simply apply paint. You can even easily mix it up, making one wall a statement wall and the others painted in a color to match. Since these types of wallcoverings aren’t as common as others, they are sure to make an impact on your home, and will impress your guests. They can also improve the value of your home when it comes time to sell.

Acoustic Benefits

Having a room covered in fabric or other types of textured coverings reduces the overall decibel count in the room, adding extra benefit to installing this type of covering. It’s perfect for practicing an instrument or entertaining a large number of guests. You can ensure that the extra noise that would otherwise bleed through to other rooms, or bounce off of the walls and echo around that room, is minimized.

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